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Mécanique de la matière molle (MECAMOLLE)

Objectif : La mécanique de la matière Molle vise à étudier des systèmes et matériaux déformables, sensibles à des stimuli extérieurs et pouvant produire des corrélations spatiales et temporelles sur plusieurs échelles de longueurs.
President: Président : Vandewalle Nicolas, Professeur ordinaire à l'U.Lg

Astrobiology: From Stars and Planets to Extreme Life

Objective: Promouvoir la recherche multidisciplinaire (astrophysique, biologie, chimie, géologie, géophysique, paléontologie) dans l'étude de l'origine, de l'évolution, de la distribution de la vie, de l'adaptation aux conditions extrêmes, et des conditions d'habitabilité dans l'univers. (site web:
President: Javaux Emmanuelle, professeur ordinaire, département de géologie à l'ULiège, Directrice de l'unité de recherche "Early Life Traces & Evolution-Astrobiology"

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Objective: To enable Belgian astronomers and astrophysicians, and in particular young researchers, to better understand the work carried out by the different astronomic institutes of the country
President: Lionel Siess, Research Associate at the F.R.S.-FNRS

President: Defrance Pierre, Professor at the Catholic University of Louvain

Cosmoparticle physics (CosPa)

Objective: .
President: Cudell Jean-René, Lecturer at the ULg

Ecology, biology and evolution of plant populations 

Objective: To promote a research network in evolutive ecology of the plant populations: meetings with communications and inter-team projects.
President: Jacquemart-Lanotte Anne-Laure, F.R.S.-FNRS Research Associate at the Catholic University of Louvain

Karstology Studies

Objective: Studies of the karstic environment from a multidisciplinary point of view. Meeting of different specialists.
President: Hallet Vincent, Professeur à l'U.Namur


Objective: .
President: Jacqueline Vander Auwera, Professor at the Ug

Geochemistry and geodynamics of the lithosphere

Objective: To study the magmatic and metamorphic rocks by microscopic methods and by analytical chemistry in order to determine their condition and their formation process. Quantitave modelling methods are also used.
President: Duchesne Jean-Clair, Professor at the University of Liège

Electronic Interactions in supramolecular systems and nanomaterials

Objective: Organisation, on an annual basis, of a scientific meeting consisting of communications made by Belgian research groups in photochemistry and conferences presented by foreign photochemists of international renown

President: Cécile Moucheron-Lecomte, Professor at the U.L.B.

Plant Micropaleontology and Palynology

Objective: To Bring scientists together who differ as regards their training (botany, geology...), their discipline (ecology, stratigraphy...), their speciality (palynomorphs, coccoliths, diatom) and the strategic interval studied
President: Steemans Philippe, F.N.R.S. Research Associate at the University of Liège

Research in the Didactics of Sciences and Mathematics

Objective: To encourage exchanges on the didactic theories pertaining to sciences and mathematics and the questions of learning and teaching that these theories enable you to problematise
Copresidents: Bridoux Stéphanie, Chargé de cours P.T. à l'U.Mons, Hindryckx-Boxus Marie-Noëlle, Chargé de cours à l'U.Lg

Wavelets and applications

Objective: Study of the analysis of wavelets and of its applications: mathematics, classic and quantum physics, quantum chemistry, engineering, processing of the signal and the image, biology, etc.
President: Christine De Mol, Professor at the U.L.B.

Synchrotron Radiation

Objective: Information on the use of synchrotron radiation in the Wallonia-Brussels Federatoin and on the new developments in the domain. Foreign conferences and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation. Multidisciplinary group
President: Président : Filinchuk Yaroslav, Chargé de cours à l'U.C.L.

Pluridisciplinary magnetic resonance

Objective: This group will enable research teams in magnetic resonance (nuclear and electronic) to exhange their experiences in spectroscopy, relaxometry and imagery applied to physics, chemistry and biomedical sciences.
President: Bernard Gallez, Professor at the U.C.L.

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